Our final edition


Our final edition (Winter 2017) is still available. Like other back issues, you can buy it from Swindon Central Library.

It was a bumper edition, with 120 pages instead of the usual 84 pages; hence the slightly increased price of £5.99 to cover extra printing costs. We are delighted that it includes a rare interview with Andy Partridge of XTC, who talks at length about growing up in Swindon, his affection and pride in the town, and gives us his views on the state of Swindon’s heritage.

One of the main themes of the last edition is how Swindon is blessed with remarkable archives that provide us with such a vivid insight into the town’s past, and we feature a number of previously unseen (or at least very rarely seen) old photographs.

This includes the only known photographs of the demolition of Swindon’s old red brick market, which has become a symbol of the treatment of our old buildings over the years, particularly while some of those that survived the demolition man’s ball and chain continue to be under threat or neglected.

Here’s a quick look at some of the pages…